Running Analysis

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Post Rehab EMG


We all have weak links:
  • Previous injuries (even from childhood)
  • Repetitive movements causing scar tissue and adapted neurological inhibition/excitation of muscles
  • Posture and alignment
  • restricted  joints
  • muscle imbalances
  • poor kinematic sequencing (from the feet up and the spine/pelvis down)
  • incorrect footwear
  • compensatory movements
Unfortunately, the weak links can cause injuries, plateau training, or prevent a runner from achieving their personal best.


Dr. Jess' mission is to identify the weak links, observe technique and training errors, and correct dysfunction so the runner can perform optimally and reduce the risk of injury.  Through years of research, conferences, and treating hundreds of runners, Dr. Jess found the best way to identify weak links is to watch them run with state of the art software as well as put them through several dynamic movements and tests to break down the running stride.

The Running Analysis includes

  • Slow Motion and Frame by Frame Video Analysis using Dartfish, state-of-the-art software used in the Olympics
  • sEMG-  learn which muscles fire WHEN
  • Line Drawings, angle analysis, and other scientific tools to analyze the running gait
  • Analysis of several dynamic movements to break down the running cycle and identify compensatory movements
  • Range of motion, posture, joint assessments, alignment, and other orthopedic tests
  • History of previous injuries and sports played
  • Runner's goals reviewed
  • Shoe analysis and foot mechanics
  • Exercises to strengthen the weak links
Example of Dynamic Functional Analysis
Example of one of our biomechanical analysis tests
Dr. Jess assessing the hip
  What to bring to your analysis: Please bring running shoes, non-black shorts and tank top. Please also be prepared to take off your shirt to expose your trunk during the video analysis. Running Analysis Intake
Magdalena Lewy Boulet
"Dr. Greaux helped me identify specific muscle strength imbalances, which allowed me to apply proper exercises to strengthen the weak parts so I can continue to train injury-free." Magdelena Lewy Boulet Olympic and Professional Marathoner
Peter Gilmore
"Video analysis was a vital tool that helped Dr. Greaux diagnose an injury in my left leg. I came to Innersport with a list of symptoms, but I had no idea what had caused the initial injury. Slow motion analysis revealed what had been affected by the injury, and which muscle groups were not working efficiently. After regular visits to Innersport for ART, along with a series of prescribed exercises, I'm healthy and ready to take on the Boston Marathon." -Peter Gilmore, Elite Marathoner 7th place - Boston Marathon 2006 10th place - NY Marathon 2006 (first American)  
very insightful running analysis "I gained a lot of insight into the mechanical deficiencies which may be correlated with knee pain I've been feeling when running long distance. It gave me specific points of focus on form and alignment, and on flexibility to enable that alignment. I think anyone contemplating training for a running event should have someone like Dr. Jess look at their form. Would you just hop into the gym and hit the weights without learning proper technique? Running is no different." D.C.