An ARTist at Work "I wanted to put together a few words about my experience with the relatively new injury treatment I tried recently that was like a miracle cure for me. In April of this year I spent nine days driving 4,000 miles from the Washington, D.C. area to my home in the East Bay. Because this period of sitting and generally sedentary activity followed a couple of weeks of heavy running, the right hamstring and sciatica nerve must have severely contracted and formed scar tissue. Both during the trip and after I arrived in California, I was unable to run without pain. The area never seemed to loosen up and only got worse during my runs. I made several visits to a sports medicine doctor but could not get relief. The exercises and stretches I was given just did not work. I was chewing ibuprofen like it was candy. Even my golf game was suffering because I found it difficult to even walk without pain. Of course, the golf game couldn't get much worse anyway, but that's another story. Finally, a $1,400 MRI of the right hip indicated the joint was as clean as a whistle. No sign of arthritis. But I still had this debilitating pain in the right hip joint, quad and hamstring. I was desperate for a cure. That's when Len Goldman suggested I see his chiropractor for some of this special ART stuff. Well...it couldn't hurt. OK, so I was wrong there. But it was a good hurt. After 4 and a 1/2 months of running in pain and accumulating less than 10 miles a week, in mid August I called Dr. Jessica Greaux at Innersport Chiropractic in Berkeley and scheduled an ART appointment. After three visits within 2 weeks I was feeling better. In a month I was running without pain. In September, I was doing 5-mile runs. In October I hit the racing circuit again. In November I started training for the Honolulu Marathon, with 15 to 20 mile runs on the weekends. All this after such a recent period when I dreaded that my running career had come to a painful end. For me ART worked a miracle cure when I thought all was lost. It may not be the answer for everyone or for every type of injury. But for the person out there with one of those nagging, seemingly incurable sports-related injuries, think cultural! See an ARTist. I hope I never get such an injury again. But being a realist and an occasional nitwit, I know it's going to happen. The lesson for me is to see the ARTist first, not last." - Jim Buck Marathoner
06-gilmore "Video analysis was a vital tool that helped Dr. Greaux diagnose an injury in my left leg. I came to Innersport with a list of symptoms, but I had no idea what had caused the initial injury. Slow motad been affected by the injury, and which muscle groups were not working efficiently. After regular visits to Innersport for ART, along with a series of prescribed exercises, I'm healthy and ready to take on the Boston Marathon." -Peter Gilmore, Elite Marathoner 7th place - Boston Marathon 2006 10th place - NY Marathon 2006 (first American)
In my 5 years as a professional golf player, I won 4 tournaments, I also missed close to 40 cuts. My swing was plagued with an uncontrolable hip slide: the harder I tried to hit the ball, the more my body would shift past the ball before impact resulting in a weak push slice. When my rythm was good, my hands and body would time the downswing properly; these moments of apparent control would leave as mysteriously as they would show up. I tried many things to try to control my hips but nothing cured the inconsistency. When Jessica tested my hips through the MyTPI protocol, I was only half surprised to learn that my range of motion in both internal and external rotation was less than half that of a PGA Tour professional. I just wished I had known earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time and money. Jessica's knowledge in both the MyTPI process and the ART technique makes her a perfect physical therapist for any golfer trying to improve his game. Forget the latest magazine tip or getting a new, more forgiving driver. If you want to really improve and learn how to finally execute what your pro has been telling you for years, get checked and work with Jessica first, you will save precious time and frustration. -Nicholas Marin Professional Golfer
Hi Jess, I just wanted to say "thank you." My foot/leg feels much better and moves well today. I actually noticed last night. I hadn't realized that it had gotten kind of stuck. It just wasn't comfortable. So, thank you; you really make a difference! -Susan
Hey Jess! I just wanted to let you know that I finished the avenue of the giants marathon! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I want to thank you for working with me for the past three weeks because I couldn't have done it without you! The marathon was absolutely beautiful too, it was like running through a forest. Thank you again for all of your help and support, S.P.
Several months ago, I had acute onset of severe muscle spasm and pain in my neck and upper back. Rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and massage failed to improve my symptoms. It was recommended that I try active release chiropractic therapy with Dr. Johanna Lelke. Although I have had less than desirable results with chiropractic care in the past, I was desperate for some relief, and decided to give it a try. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Lelke’s gentle and thorough approach as she discussed my symptoms and examined me. The active release techniques that she used were incredible! I had immediate relief of my symptoms, and the results have lasted several months. Johanna Lelke, D.C. is now my first choice when I recommend chiropractic providers to my patients and colleagues. I look forward to my next appointment! Denise Hilliard, M.D. Internist, Danville, CA
I am very active, and participate in multiple sports. During the last softball season, I tweaked something in my knee that made it difficult to play softball, tennis, or other sports requiring quick movements. I had it examined by my Doctor, but they were unable to do anything beyond suggest that I take it easy for a while and begin a regimen of icing my knee. This failed to help my knee, and I thought that age had caught up with me and I may have to stop participating in some of the activities that I love. I had never been to a Chiropractor in the past, but one of my friends suggested that I try it as an alternative. I had an initial evaluation by Dr. Lelke, and then 4 follow up sessions over the course of a month. It has been over 2 months since my last session, and I have been able to play softball and tennis again without issue, and am looking forward to the next ski season. I am very satisfied with the results. Justin W. Real Estate Professional, Oakland
Hi Jess, I really appreciate your articles. Keep those words of wisdom coming. You’re doing a great service to everyone! Cheers, Danny Danny Dreyer www.chirunning.com www.chiwalking.com
Eight months ago I had a terrible accident while skiing some gnarly Alpental backcountry in the Washington cascades. I ended up dislocating my kneecap, completely rupturing my ACL and MCL, and tearing my PCL and medial meniscus. In the ER that day I wasn't sure whether or not I'd be able to walk again. Luckily, a successful surgery and some great initial rehab allowed me to get up on my feet within a few months, although hardly in an “active” state. Soon after moving to Berkeley I started searching for a therapist who could help me with advanced rehab. I couldn't have found a better place than Innersport. With a combination of intense deep tissue massage from “iron hands” Jess and personalized physical training from “mountain man” Mike, I've regained almost full range of motion in my knee and put some serious muscle back on my emaciated stick-leg. I started at Innersport walking with a limp. Now I'm going on 8 mile runs and 30 mile bike rides (I'm new to biking) in the Berkeley hills. I attribute my success to one simple fact: Jess and Mike knew exactly what it would take, both mentally and physically, for me to get back in action. Knowledgeable and incredibly fit, they served as great role models who challenged me to come back each week with new progress. Anyway, I've figured out that recovery is at least as much mental as it is physical. Having the right motivational influences around is key. -Mark Sena skiing enthusiast
I live in San Francisco, but because of Innersport's reputation, I made the trip to Berkeley to check it out. My knees have always bothered me and more recently, I've been experiencing a lot of tightness in my IT band and glutes. Dr. Johanna Lelke was just awesome. She assured me that my activity level did not have to suffer because of my pain. She confidently assessed me and taught me much about my body and movement and gave me a range of treatments from massage to realigning my hips to an adjustment that completely released all of tension build-up in my back. After years of feeling like "I'll just have to learn to live with pain," Johanna proved I can still do the hiking and exploring I love. What was most impressive, however, is that Dr. Lelke set herself apart from all other chiropractors I've heard of. She truly understands the athlete's body and how to fix it. I LOVED my visit and felt like a completely new body afterward. from Rebecca Slater, San Francisco
very insightful running analysis I gained a lot of insight into the mechanical deficiencies which may be correlated with knee pain I've been feeling when running long distance. It gave me specific points of focus on form and alignment, and on flexibility to enable that alignment. I think anyone contemplating training for a running event should have someone like Dr. Jess look at their form. Would you just hop into the gym and hit the weights without learning proper technique? Running is no different. from D.C.
Dr. Johanna Lelke is wonderful! I have seen many chiropractors in my past and I felt like the thoroughness of my first "diagnostic" session was unlike anything that I have experienced. I now feel like I actually know why my back has been hurting me for the past 10 years, and I know what to do about it. Not that I don't like adjustments, but I greatly appreciated how she took the time to show me strengthening exercises and stretches so that I won't have to get adjustments as frequently. For me, this type of treatment really separates those chiropractors who are out to make $$$ from those who are genuinely concerned about their patients healing process. After my visit with Dr. Lelke, I feel empowered to make some changes in my daily habits that will affect my back, as well as my general health. As a side note, as an athlete, I believe that it is really important that my doctors are either athletic themselves or have a solid understanding of the effects of different sports on the body. Dr. Lelke clearly has done many sports in her past, as well as currently, and I think that really made her recommendations and her treatment very effective. -Shayna Ferullo, November 2009 SF
The training load for Ultra Marathons is rigorous and breaks the legs down. Having ran for almost two years with various nagging injuries and more recently, been plagued with frustrating IT band complications, I started to think my Ultra Marathon days were over. Since being treated by Dr. Johanna, my IT band issues and related nagging injuries have no longer been a problem. Now my legs get tired as opposed to throbbing in pain after a 5 hour training day. Every time I leave a treatment, I feel lighter, faster and stronger. My fire for running has been reignited as a result of the treatment performed by Dr. Johanna. -Ben Markwart, March 2010 Ultra Runner, Oakland
Healing First Time Marathoner Dr. Greaux's treatment of my sore ankle and foot allowed me to run without pain. Her knowledge, experience, and care really helped me train for and finish my 1st marathon. I look forward to working with her in the future to prevent and treat injuries. -M.W.
Dr. Greaux is Totally Awesome Coming to her was one of the best decisions my body ever made. She is professional, personable, and knows how to solve the problems in my bio-mechanics. I look forward to working with her, which I know will give me results. -S.R.
Back to Golfing Without much luck with other therapists, I visited Dr. Jess. Through her diligent work and guidance, I am now able to again play the sport I love.. golf. With how wrecked my arm was, never thought it would happen. And the docs thought it was carpal tunnel. She's the best! Update: Dr. Jess is the Greatest After suffering with a debilitating shoulder/arm problem for 6 months, I learned of the work she does and set an appointment. Little by little, she treated the issues. I never thought I would fully recover and have. Thank you Innersport team! - C.P.
Facing Reality I knew I was out of shape and old at 72, still enjoying golf from a golf cart. It was amazing to follow Jess's posturing with my own body and find very little muscular and skeletal flexibility. Working with her and then Patrick was (energizing until I got home and was very tired. Every position is done with the stress over several parts of the body, seemiingly in all parts of the body. I'm looking forward to my exercises and eventually, my return for a checkup. -J.S.
Runners Should Run Right to Innersport A Gait Analysis w/Dr. Greaux is a must for all runners! A video my running form revealed my over-striding & improper footfall, explaining a sharp pain I developed in my left hip. The critique was enlighting, followed up with a session of running specific strengthening & stretching exercises to correct muscle weakness & imbalance for my unique needs. I've never knew about these effective techniques, even though I've read many running publications. My pace was stuck, but now I feel I can BQ! -V.V.
This is Beyond Great I've recently turned myself in for rehab with Dr. Greaux and discovered that my stride is causing my longstanding series of hip issues. First my running was videotaped . and now she is giving me corrective exercises to stop stressing the overworked muscles and using the lazy ones. I am feeingl very hopeful ! Dr. Greaux is just a wonderfully caring person to have working on me and I highly recommend her!!! -N.K.
Love the Team at Innersport Jessica is awesome, they treat you very well here. If you have back problems, they give you preventative measures to help you in the long run. I highly reccommend them. -A.P.
Don't Just Trust Your Doctor, See Dr. Greaux I sprained my ankle and the recommendations from my doctor were minimal..."stay off your feet as much as possible, elevate and take ibuprofen". After about a month of this "treatment" my ankle was no better and my other leg was starting to have problems. I saw Dr.Greaux and she gave me exercises to strengthen and nip my other leg's problems in the bud. I heartily recommend her! -L.V.
Wonderful Care The atmosphere at Innersport is wonderful. There is an open friendly caring feel you get the minute you walk in the door. The care is topnotch and staff is friendly and helpful. - J.B.
Great Personal Attention and Service Dr. Greaux (pronounced: "gree-oh") is extrememly knowledgeable on sports-related injuries and not only provides chiropractic care but also prescribes physical therapy. I highly recommend!! -M.O.
Efficient and Professional Super easy to book an appointment and the treatment has helped already after just visiting once. Jessica is very knowledgeable and gives the feeling of confidence that together you will be able to get the the root of any problem. -E.R.
Dr. Greaux We came to see Dr. Greaux from Austin, TX based on a referral from Cal Football Summer Camp. In less than 20 Minutes Gr. Greaux was able to identify my sons problem area which had bedeviled our Family doctor. We are very grateful. -W.G.
Tremendous Improvement from Active Release Therapy Jessica Greaux is a first-class practitioner of Active Release Therapy. Her hands-on manipulation and the exercises she has prescribed have made a HUGE difference--easing pain and joint immobility in the aftermath of hip replacement surgery. -E.G.
1st Rate Professionals and Also Caring Innersport provides first rate professional service along with a caring attitude. Highly professional BUT, more importantly, when you leave your aches and pains are gone or under control. An alternative to surgery or heavy medication. -G.H.
Dr. Jess is Great Dr. Jess really takes the time to listen, and her techniques actually address the problems. Many other DCs adjust you and kick you out the door. Dr. Jess works on the musculature, finding the cause of the problem, and then adjusts you so that the bones STAY in place. Couple that with specific exercises you do at home, and you will definitely get better. -S.M.
Great Initial Examination and Diagnosis This was my first time engaging the services of a chiropractor/sports rehab specialist and I must say that Dr. Jess opened my eyes to the possibilities of treating my injury. I look forward to working with her in the upcoming weeks. -D.N.
Getting Better Everyday! Dr. Jessica Greaux, DC is the best. i came to her my body a pretzel. A lifetime of injuries and surgeries have left me in chronic pain and discomfort. She is patient with me and very understanding of my goals for my body and my ability to reach those goals. I feel confident I will meet and exceed those goals given her knowledge, skills, and concern for her patients as a practitioner. -W.R.