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Our approach to care and treatment is through your body’s own natural healing capabilities. Chiropractic care enhances the relationship between joint dysfunction and responsiveness of your nervous system to react to the surrounding environment. Innersport strives to remove barriers that force you to compromise your health and quality of life. Dr. Jessica L. Greaux, DC, ART Dr. Jess crossing stream DSCN0863 Dr. Jessica Greaux, founder and owner of Innersport Chiropractic, Ltd. and Press Play Analysis, graduated from Brown University (1995) and Magna Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West (2001) specializing in sports injury management and extremity adjusting techniques. Dr. Greaux's philosophy stems from the body's innate ability to survive, conquer, and prosper. She firmly believes each and every client can accomplish the impossible, despite the obstacles with which we are confronted.   She considers herself as a guidance counselor, guiding her clients in the right direction to accomplish their athletic endeavors, whether to live a life without pain, finish a marathon or ironman, or be productive at work. Dr. Greaux is an instructor in Active Release Techniques®, the highest level attainable by an ART practitioner. An ART® provider goes through a rigorous credentialing process that includes in-depth knowledge of muscular skeletal structures in the entire body. She has completed her biomechanics, nerve entrapment, and masters certification.  She not only treats athletes at her office, but she has been hired by a local employer to perform ART on their employees to reduce the risk of injuries at the work place. Dr. Greaux is constantly updating her skills and services including ART, Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Biomechanics, Graston, SpiderTech, Video Analysis, Injury Diagnosis, Rehabilitation, Corrective and Functional Exercises, Bike Fitting, Golf Swing Analysis, Running Analysis, among other techniques. As an ART® provider, Dr. Greaux also provides Ironman care and has been invited to the Hawaii Ironman Championships since 2002 to fine-tune world-class athletes prior to the race. In 2004, Dr. Greaux also became one of the first chiropractors to be invited to work with the University of California-Berkeley sports medicine program.  She continues to apply her expertise on biomechanics, Graston and ART to Cal collegiate athletes weekly. Before obtaining her chiropractic training, Dr. Greaux received a B.S. in Psychology from Brown where she played on the Division I nationally ranked varsity soccer team. Her athletic accomplishments include All-Ivy, All-New England, and All-Northeast Region.  She continues to play soccer today for Innersport, a local indoor soccer team. Now a cyclist, triathlete, and outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Greaux draws upon her athletic and academic backgrounds to provide expert support and guidance in reaching her patients' goals. As a strong believer in the mind-body connection, she teaches patients how to listen to their instincts when it comes to their bodies. Click here to contact Jess or, read her BLOG
Dr. Greaux is a Certified Golf Injury Doctor
Dr. Greaux is a Certified Golf Injury Doctor
Dr. Greaux is an Ironman ART Provider
Dr. Greaux is a Certified Ironman Provider
Dr. Greaux is a certified Golf Medical Provider
Dr. Greaux is a certified Golf Medical Provider
Dr. Greaux is certified in ART

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