Looking for a few good fitness products? These are tried and true, personally tested and recommended by Dr. Jess.

Dr. Jess also recommends browsing through Perform Better’s website to find other great fitness products not listed below.

Tap Tempo by Develop.  Purchase on iTunes.

I recommend Tap Tempo to learn about your running cadence.

Metronome by  Purchase on iTunes.

I recommend Metronome application to learn how to run at a given cadence.

Wearable Metronome!

I recommend this product if you do not have an iPhone/iPod Touch. These are invaluable to learn how to run like the elite marathoners. Increase your cadence to 170-180!

Podrunner:  download music mixes that match your cadence!


Cadence App allows you to pick music that matches your running cadence.

Cadence App

Want a great frame by frame video camera to analyze your gait?

The Casio Ex-FH100 is a great point and shoot camera that can shoot 1000 frames per second videos. The camera allows you to view your running, golf swing, or cycling in slow motion and frame by frame. I have this in my office and I carry it with me to the golf range to observe clients. It’s a must have for serious athletes who want to perfect form and prevent injuries.

Tripod for your casio or video camera. Yes, I have this, too. You can wrap it around a pole or tree branch if needed.

TRX Suspension System

TRX Suspension Door Anchor

Medicine Ball and Kettlebell in one!

These Medicine Balls are very durable and they BOUNCE well! Great for power and functional training.

Affordable Medicine Balls that are durable and bounce.

Dr. Jess’ favorite. You’ll never need to replace these durable Foam Rollers

Vibraroll Foam roller and vibration massager in one!

Pro Stretch for the calf

Fit Moves Package- a complete workout package

Dr. Jess has hosted the founder of Chirunning, Danny Dreyer for a few Chirunning clinics at Innersport. A must if you are running injured or if you want to stay injury-free.

ChiWalking Get Fit Package from

Side Step bands for lateral resistance exercises

Medicine Balls

Multibalance Board for balance, stability, and mobility exercises

The Step

Tri Stretch for multiplanar calf achilles stretches

Mini Bands- great for lateral resistance exercises- a favorite at Innersport.

Wobble Board

Resistance Tubing- Great for upper body rehab exercises

The True Stretch- THE ultimate mobility and flexibility station.

Fitballs- another good self myofascial release product

IT Band Strap

Bosu Balance Trainer

Fitball Exercise ball

Stretchout strap

Ultra slide board- great for lateral stability and learning how to do the perfect squat!

The Stick- self myofascial release massager. Great for travel.

My “go to” anatomy book at the office.