November, 2014

Saddle Seminar

November 21, 2014

The Science Behind Choosing a Saddle

Sample Saddle Pressure Data in 3D

Saddle Pressure in 3D

  Please join us Dec. 3rd at 7PM for a class on saddles for road and triathlon bikes.  This free class is for those wanting to learn how to choose the correct saddle for their road or triathlon bike.  

You will learn:

Sample Saddle Pressure Data

Saddle Pressure

  • the interaction between body and saddle
  • pelvic anatomy
  • how saddles help performance and comfort
  • the purpose of certain saddle styles
  • the purpose of saddle shapes and contours for various body types
  • saddle examples for triathlon and road bikes
  • the science behind choosing a saddle
  • about our saddle demo program
  • how tightness and restrictions can affect saddle fit
  • how fit can affect saddle comfort
  • which saddle is right for you
    Where:  Innersport/Press Play Performance Lab   1250 Addison St. Suite 1o2, Berkeley, 94702 When:  December 3rd, 2014   7PM staff. "Blausen gallery 2014". Wikiversity Journal of Medicine. DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.010. ISSN 20018762. - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - staff. "Blausen gallery 2014". Wikiversity Journal of Medicine. DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.010. ISSN 20018762. - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Cost:  FREE!   Tell your friends! RSVP:

Bike Fit Case Study

November 20, 2014

Occasionally we like to take the opportunity to educate our fellow cyclists and runners on what we are seeing in the Press Play Performance Lab.   What is to follow is one of our most recent cycling analyses to walk into our office.   In this case, we would like to highlight how we use biofeedback to help one's performance on the bike.  Unfortunately, what you don't know can cause a leak in power.

History and Findings

A Cat 2 racer came in for a bike fit with a goal of regaining symmetry in his pedal stroke. He has observed a loss of power in his left leg when pedaling, especially when fatigued. During the physical exam, we found his flexibility to be within normal limits except for the left hamstring and hip flexor. His squat was very strong, but when he broke 90 degrees his left hip shifted forward due the mobility issues.  While performing a single leg squat he demonstrated pelvic instability bilaterally. When pedaling with a single leg he pedaled smoothly on the right side but had difficulty getting over the top of the pedal stroke on the left side.

When we began data collection, we found his saddle pressure to be symmetrical, but contrary to his sensations, he produced more peak force on his left leg (Left peak force averages about 200N while right avg about 140N). Also of note, he did not demonstrate a smooth transition on the bottom of the pedal stroke as seen on the force time plot below, especially with the right leg.

GP Manager

The next step would be to perform sEMG on his muscles to determine if muscles in his legs are firing properly and in correct order.  We have often seen muscles not relax during part of the pedal stroke due to dysfunctional firing sequencing.  Above, we can see his left foot does not unweight the pedal as much as his right foot and thus probably the reason he has trouble coming over the top of the pedal stroke.  Along with the data we collected, sEMG would give us more information to further understand his symptoms.


In addition to retraining his pedal stroke, we raised his bars by 1 cm to open up his hips and give his hamstrings a break. This change allowed him to relax his arms and actually decrease his frontal area improving the aerodynamics of his position.   As you can see in the post-fit Force Plot, he demonstrates better transition bilaterally and his right/left peak forces are more symmetrical.  Left peak forces average about 200N and the right averages about 180N.  Right peak forces improved by about 40N. You will also notice we eliminated the double peaks on the bottom of the force-time plot indicating a more efficient transition at the bottom of the pedal stroke.   This is a much improved pedal stroke bilaterally, with more work to do.

GP Manager

He left with homework to increase functional mobility and stability of his left leg and pedal drills.  He will return for a follow-up within a month to retest foot and saddle pressure in which we expect to see a more symmetrical pedal stroke due to better hip flexibility, pelvic stability, and adaptation to fit and pedaling technique. 

We go where the data drives us.

- Mitchell and Jess


2 Holiday Parties with a Special Guest

November 13, 2014

Why have just one holiday party when you can have two?

Bike, Spin, Ride, Listen, See, Ask, Eat, Drink, Perform, Try... Whoa!  Someone is in the holiday spirit.   Innersport and Press Play are pleased to invite our friends for a day of holiday bliss on December 13th. Join us at the newest Sports Basement addition in Berkeley where we will be teaming up with Elite Triathlon Performance America (ETPA) for a bike ride, spin class, fitness contests with prizes, food and drinks, massages, and discount coupons for Sports Basement and Press Play..  Oh- and we have a special guest!

Date:  December 13, 2014

Party #1 at Sports Basement - Berkeley

(Which is dog-friendly...we LOVE Sports Basement.  No need to leave the pooch home!)

Bike Ride:


ETPA will be leading a bike ride from the new Sports Basement in Berkeley Saturday morning returning in time to meet our special guest at 10AM. Start:  at Sports Basement.  Meet at 7:50AM to fill out waivers and receive directions.  Rolling at 8:00.  Arrive back at sports basement by 10AM. Ride:  Join Raeleigh Harris of ETPA for a local social ride through the east bay starting and ending at Sports Basement- Berkeley.  No Drop ride.   HELMET IS REQUIRED FOR THIS RIDE.  No exceptions. Cost:  FREE!  

Spin Class:

  FFCC_Logo Freddie wins his fourth National Championship                     OK- time to announce our special guest.  Berkeley's very own Pro, Olympian, and 4-time National Champ, Fast Freddie Rodriguez will be leading the spin class!   Join us for a fun, challenging spin and watch the 2013 US Road Race Championship with Fast Freddie's commentary.  Show Freddie he's not the only fast pedaler in Berkeley.  Stick around afterwards to hear him speak about the new Fast Freddie Cycling Club and a Q&A.  Want to learn more about his training, zones, and lactate?  He will be available to ask if you haven't worn him out too much during the spin class. Where:  Sports Basement Berkeley Community Room When:  10am-11am.  Please arrive by 9:40 for setup and a warm-up. What to bring:   A TRAINER, your bike, a towel, and your shoes.   Helmet optional. 😉    Please be familiar with your trainer before the event.  We will have limited resources to help you with your trainer/bike. Cost:  FREE!    100% of donations will be given to Fast Freddie Foundation- help get kids on bikes!



Press Play PerformanceLab              

AND THE PARTY!   Join us for:

  • Fitness contests with prizes-  how long can you hold a plank?  And more we can't tell ya...
  • Children's contests- bring the kids!
  • Coupons for Sports Basement and Press Play services
  • Test your saddle!  Bring your bike and shoes and we can see how you are sitting on your saddle.
  • FOOD and DRINKS... yum!
  • Free MASSAGES by our friends at NHI!   Ahhhhhh...
  • Fast Freddie Rodriguez Q&A
  • Gift Certificates available for bike fits and run analyses-  get that special someone something special!
  • Socialize with your fellow athletes of all disciplines and ages.  Meet new training partners!
  • Mitchell Reiss and ETPA will be available to answer any questions you have about coaching, triathlons, bike fits, and run analysis.  Prepare for 2015!

Party #2:  Art and Music Show at Innersport




Join us the same night at Innersport as it will transform into a beautiful photography studio and concert hall for the holidays.  This is an art show not to be missed.   A feast for the eyes, ears, and mouth.

When:  December 13th 7PM-9:30PM.

Where:  Innersport 1250 Addison St. Suite 102, Berkeley, CA 94702   510-883-1126

What to expect:   7:00 start time.  Concert will be in 30 minute increments from 7:30-8:00 and 8:30-9:00.   Beer, wine and light snacks will be served. Art and music will be available for sale.  Music artist has an $8-$15 donation.

To learn more about the artists and details of the party, click here.