Saddle Seminar

The Science Behind Choosing a Saddle   Sample Saddle Pressure Data in 3DSaddle Pressure in 3D   Please join us Dec. 3rd at 7PM for a class on saddles for road and triathlon bikes.  This free class is for those wanting to learn how to choose the correct saddle for their road or triathlon bike.   You will learn: Sample Saddle Pressure DataSaddle Pressure
  • the interaction between body and saddle
  • pelvic anatomy
  • how saddles help performance and comfort

2 Holiday Parties with a Special Guest

Why have just one holiday party when you can have two? Bike, Spin, Ride, Listen, See, Ask, Eat, Drink, Perform, Try... Whoa!  Someone is in the holiday spirit.   Innersport and Press Play are pleased to invite our friends for a day of holiday bliss on December 13th. Join us at the newest Sports Basement addition in Berkeley where we will be teaming up with Elite Triathlon Performance America (ETPA) for…