The Role of Sugar and Caffeine During Competition

Tour of California 2008 Once again, Dr. Gabe Mirkin gives us valuable evidence-based recommendations for nutrition and competition. Here's his blog reposted with permission.

Sugar and Caffeine for Competition

By Dr. Gabe Mirkin

The limiting factor to how fast you can move during a race is the amount of oxygen that you can take in and use. Since sugar requires less oxygen than fat to power your muscles, you want…

Research on Muscle Cramps

Many athletes experience muscle cramps during exercise.  Cramps were once thought to be due to mineral deficiencies or dehydration.  Dr. Gabe Mirkin ( reviewed research that gives us another possible cause of muscle cramps during exercise below.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Fitness and Health E-Zine January 16, 2011

Special Issue: Muscle Cramps in Exercisers

Muscle cramps are common during very intense exercise and occur far less often during less-intense training, because…

Are you a Pronator?

Athlete Seminar Series:   What you don't know about pronation.

Please join us for a presentation on WHAT happens, WHEN, and WHERE during running as it pertains to pronation of the foot. When:  Tuesday,  January 25    7:15PM Where:  Innersport 1250 Addison St. Suite 102, Berkeley, CA 947o2  510.883.1126 RSVP: Cost:  FREE!…

Training with Injuries

Why Soft Tissue Injuries Occur

Research has shown that up to 80% of runners are injured every year with most injuries being at the knee. (Van Gent et al., Clin J Sport Med. 2009.) Majority of these injuries are due to soft tissue overload. Other factors include flexibility, range of motion, strength, alignment, shoes, surface, etc. Soft tissue includes structures such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The body and soft