Death Ride Report

The Death Ride I drove up early Thursday morning, waking up at 5:15AM to start my acclimation to both altitude and early rising. What a beautiful drive. Passing through Bear Valley and then up through Hermit Valley and finally the backside of Ebbetts. The backside of Ebbett’s was just spectacular, with views of mountains still dotted with snow in the first morning’s light. Up and over Ebbetts, I found my…

Back Pain, an Allergy?

Unfortunately, failed back surgery has become a "syndrome". To learn more about Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, click here. I found an interesting article to share as well. Dr. Gabe Mirkin of wrote a blog titled: Why Back Surgery Fails So Often. WIth his permission, I am passing this along. More research is needed, of course, but it's something to think about with unresolved back pain. Dr. Gabe