TRX- my newest favorite exercise “machine”

TRX: Affordable, portable, space-saving, and CHALLENGING! I've often talked about the necessity of having core stability and strength. With the TRX system, you have no choice but to have a strong core to perform the exercises. That's why I like this form of exercise. You use your own body weight to perform various movements while manipulating your body through dangling "ropes." The catch is, the amount of body weight you move is dependent on how strong your core is. I was pleasantly surprised at how difficult the exercises were to perform. Another benefit is the portability. Just buy the door attachment and you can take the TRX system ANYWHERE: In your car, your luggage, to a friend's house. The system is perfect for travel as it definitely beats using the hotel's fitness center and it fits easily into a carry-on. We hooked ours up to an eye hook we screwed into a stud in a wall at Innersport. Next time you are here, feel free to ask Mike how to do some sample exercises. The TRX system is a reality check- you are only as strong as your core. Click on the pictures below to learn more.