Taking Foam Rolling to New Heights

rolling-1Funny how you find creative ways to accomplish simple tasks. I took my first trip to Yosemite this past weekend and of course, having never been backpacking before, we took way too much food. We had to rent another bear vault from the Park entrance office before we headed out to hike 7 miles up (UP and UP and UP) then down to Ten Lakes, our camping destination. Since we had so much food, it meant we had to carry extra weight in our packs. Hiking that distance with that much weight is no easy task for this soccer player, so needless to say, I developed a little IT Band trouble on the way down the pass. I'm guessing if we ate all of our food, I wouldn't have been in such a predicament. At Innersport. we prescribe foam rolling exercises to pretty much all of our patients, and ESPECIALLY to our IT Band sufferers. Since I'd rather take more food than the foam roller on a backpacking trip, I had to come up with an effective and creative way to do some self myofascial release on my IT Bands. Low and behold, the BEAR VAULT! Foam Rolling JessWho knew it had two purposes? Part food protector, part IT Band savior. The stick can't protect your food, unless you feel confident that beating the bear with it is sufficient. So, on your next backpacking trip, try using the bear vault as a foam roller to do self myofascial release on just about every part of your body. Happy rolling! (Ouch.)