Weekend Warrior

Occasionally, well, not so occasionally- frequently, some of my patients decide to cram in as many "weekend warrior" activities in an amazing 2 week trip as they can. Here's a summary of such an adventure from a dear patient: "In February of this year I went on a 2 week trip to the south island of New Zealand. I went with a company called "Active New Zealand" and boy did they live up to their name! I came home in great shape although in need of some chiropractic and active release therapy treatment. I hiked, biked, kayaked, ran trails, bungee jumped and river boarded! I had never heard of river boarding prior to this trip. They suit you up in a wetsuit, with a helmet and flippers and a boogie board and send you off down the river to run the rapids with 30 other knuckleheads who also have no idea what they are in for. It was the most incredible workout I have had in years! When we were done with that, they dragged us around on a board off the back of a jetski and flung us back and forth (big fun), then sent us down a water slide (30 foot drop) and then off a rope swing in to the river! The bungee jump was off a bridge over a river (over 120 feet). The most beautiful scenery. An even more incredible adrenaline rush. Whew! I knew i should have base jumped off a paraglider but alas there just wasn't enough time!"