Beijing Bound!

Boston was a success for our patients here at Innersport. We had 4 patients running the Boston Marathon and all finished with great times. Congratulations to Mirek Boruta, and Suzanne Franco, Magdalena (Magda) Lewy, Gabor Torak! I'll write more in our next newsletter due in May, however, here's an email I received from Gabor about his experience at the Boston Marathon and the Marathon Olympic Trials for women the day before. He writes: "Steve and I came out of the T (subway) on Sun and right after the motorcycles the first runner was Magda. This was at mile 24 I think. A mile later she was passed by Deena K. Still it was cool to see the transports logo setting the pace. Our run was great too; Steve and I ran together until about mile 19 at which point I decided to slow down (in order to stay alive.) The hills were not bad, but I had to hammer a bit on the last 5 miles to make a sub-3hr pace. Great crowds and weather! Thanks again for all your help! I couldn't have done it without you!! --Gabor" For those of you who have not heard, Magda finished SECOND in the Olympic Trials with a time of 2:30:19. Yes, this means she is going to represent USA at the Beijing Olympics this summer! Congrats to Magda, Gabor, Mirek, and Suzanne!