I’m not talking about “hitting the wall” or “bonking.” I’m talking about OUR wall- Innersport’s wall of very happy faces and active bodies. Those of you who have been treated at Innersport have seen our wall of pictures of patients doing the athletic endeavors they love. Many of you have given us a picture, too. However, there are some of you who have not- and we’d like to change that.

The wall reminds us of our patients’ accomplishments and the hard work they put in to an event or to stay healthy and active. It inspires us to work hard so our patients can train hard. The wall encourages us to be happy, proud, and committed. It promotes great conversations with patients as well as healthy banter between practitioners. The wall is unique and it makes us happy.

I know for many of you the last time you had your picture on a doctor’s wall was at your childhood dentist’s office. Well, there’s nothing wrong with being a kid again. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of yourself for accomplishing an athletic task whether it’s kayaking on vacation or qualifying for the Olympics. We want your picture- and a picture of you doing something that makes you happy!