Ankle Sprains, Strains, and Instability

ANKLE SEMINAR: Learn about sprains, strains, and ankle instability- the best course of action when you sprain an ankle, and what to do years after an unrehabilitated ankle sprain/strain. What you'll learn: General ankle anatomy What happens when an ankle is sprained Why it is SO important to rehabilitate the ankle fully What we see when we don't rehab the ankle properly (common injuries post-ankle sprain) Immediate action to take Rehabilitation options Ankle gadgets Why we must look at the entire kinetic chain to rehab an ankle What is proprioception What does balance have to do with it Ankle's role in gait What is scar tissue WHEN: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 7pm SHARP. Seminar will last 1 hour with an optional Q&A. Where: Innersport Chiropractic, Ltd. 1250 Addison St. Suite 102 Berkeley, CA 94702 510-883-1126 What to bring: Yourself, preferably in shorts, but not necessary. And your questions! RSVP by February 9, 2009. SPACE IS LIMITED Email or call 510-883-1126 and ask for Mike or Dr. Jess. Dr. Jessica Greaux is owner and founder of the sports medicine clinic, Innersport Chiropractic, in Berkeley, CA. She has been working with weekend warriors, amateur, collegiate, elite, and professional athletes for the past 8 years. She specializes in Active Release Techniques, Video Analysis, Biomechanics and Functional Exercise. To learn more about Dr. Jess and Innersport Chiropractic, please visit