Meet Mike Rawlins- Certified Personal Trainer

Michael Rawlins first came to Berkeley in 2003 from the Pacific Northwest and graduated from UC Berkeley, in 2007. He was a member of the UC Berkeley Track and Field team as a Decathlete. Specializing in sprints and jumps, primarily the 400m, Long Jump, and High Jump, he also took great pleasure in training for other events such as the pole vault, implement throws, hurdles and the 1500m. In addition to participating in track and field in high school, Mike was also a wide receiver for the football team and a member of the basketball squad while also participating in a soccer league. Currently Mike’s activities and interests include bicycling, hiking, flag football, yoga, conditioning, and volunteering with the University of California, Berkeley Track and Field team as well as Albany High School track and field program.
Given Mike’s varied athletic experience in High School and as a member of the Cal Track and Field Team, as well as his experience at a sports medicine clinic, Innersport, Mike persued a career as a personal trainer. Mike seeks to help clients achieve their goals with a personalized, scientifically based program that meets their specific needs, whether they are elite athletes, weekend warriors, or high schoolers preparing to be recruited for college sports. His training philosophy is centered around functional movements with focus on gaining strength and proficiency in sport-specific actions in a healthy and safe manner. He strives to work with clients to improve posture, function, speed, and performance while also emphasizing the importance of injury prevention and “prehab.”
As mentioned above, Mike has the unique service of offering a “Recruitment Training Program”. Through his time as a collegiate athlete and as a volunteer at Cal Track and Field, Mike has first hand experience of training at the Division I level and what college coaches and recruiters seek, expect from, and try to instill in athletes. Getting recruited is a deliberate process. It takes getting started early and developing skills and strength that require individual attention and training beyond what many high school programs can offer. Mike seeks to best prepare young athletes to not only get on recruiters’ radars, but also to knowledgably approach the recruiting process and succeed at the collegiate level.
Mike has also joined Dr. Greaux in a new adventure in the world of sports performance via video analysis. As a personal trainer and camera man for Press Play Analysis Mike will be working with Dr. Jessica Greaux to do video analyses for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level as well as rehab for chronic injuries through biomechanics. Performances of several dynamic movements screens as well as running and cycling are recorded and analyzed to identify weak links in the kinetic chain and to isolate potential areas of injury or performance inhibitors. This is essential to appropriately design a corrective and preventive training regime. Mike and Dr. Greaux work with many Bay Area sports medicine practitioners to comprehensively co-treat an athlete to optimize function and performance.