Great Western Bike Rally

Mike Rawlins, CPT and I attended the Great Western Bike Rally ( this past Memorial Day weekend, biking Paso Robles' beautiful scenery as well as setting up an Innersport/Press Play booth. Needless to say, we had a blast. Beautiful land, great weather, challenging as well as leisure bike rides, great wine, and lots of cycling madness. If you haven't attended this event, I encourage you to go. We saw elite racers, newbies, hybrids, mt. bikers, tandems of 4, freak bikes, recumbants, ages ranging between 4-80 years old on bikes, a huffy toss, a time trial, a hill climb challenge, and wine tasting. Mike participated in the huffy toss, only to come 5 inches short from the very guy (who won the toss) he taught how to do a perfect squat. Next year, Mike will teach the perfect squat AFTER the huffy toss. We plan on hanging the trophy (the beat up huffy bike) in our office 2010. I didn't participate in any of the challenges. Rather, I enjoyed 4 consecutive days of cycling Paso Robles wine country, hills, and sun. Join us next year!