Road Rash Rookie

Yes, I was a Road Rash Rookie as i took my first skid across pavement on a bike about a month and half ago.  It was a typical cycling scenario.  I was making a turn while admiring the Golden Gate Bridge and my front tire fell in a little groove in the cement, sending me sliding on my side, doing everything I can to protect my bike.  Wounds heal, bike's don't.
After FIRST frantically searching my bike for scrapes, dings, scratches, etc., I finally check out my own body and found two large gashes, one on my lower leg and one on my upper thigh, with the upper thigh one being more severe (probably because more weight) and with more grit embedded in the raw flesh.
I went home to clean out the wounds, and after nearly fainting twice in the shower (there's a reason why I'm a chiropractor, blood and I don't mix well), I had to find some dressing to treat and cover the wounds.  Since I had TWO wounds to treat, I decided to do an experiment and treat them differently to see which healed better and faster.
I treated the lower leg wound with gauze, neosporin, and some kind of wet dressing.  I unwrapped it, showered, and rewrapped everyday.  Sometimes I even let it air out a bit.  As you can imagine, lots of ooze leaked out of the dressings.
As for the upper thigh which was more severe, I treated it with Johnson and Johnson's Multi-day Ultra heal pads from Walgreens.  They were very expensive.  In fact, totaling up my Walgreen's purchases for wound care ended up costing more than dinner at T-Rex that night.
I left the Multiday Ultra Heal Pads on for 4 days straight and never took it off, even for a shower.  Amazingly, the pad stayed adhered to my skin and there was minimal ooze leaking from the pad.
After 5 days of treatment, I removed the Multiday Ultra Heal Pad and was amazed to find the pad had turned green and blue, almost like mold.  However, the skin looked GREAT!  No scab.  The skin just grew over the wound.  Meanwhile, the one on my lower leg was taking a lot longer to heal.  It was still fresh in some places and scabbed around the edges.
After 1.5 months, I now have a big scar on my lower leg and NO scar on my upper thigh.  In fact, you wouldn't even know I had a wound there unless I told you, with a very faint purplish tint to the affected area.
So, there you have it.  My experiment turned out to be quite informative and I now have clinical advice for road rashes and burns.  And of course, the best piece of advice I can give is to enjoy the view OFF your bike.