Dr. Greaux becomes certified Golf Medical Provider

Titleist Golf Screening now available for Golfers in the East Bay!

Dr. Jessica Greaux, DC, ART has become TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified as a Golf Medical Provider, Level 2, in addition to her “Golf Doctor” certification. As one of only two certified Golf Medical Providers in the East Bay, Dr. Greaux performs Dynamic Movement Screens, Flexibility and Stability Screens, and video analysis on golfers to pinpoint and diagnose dysfunction in a golfer’s swing biomechanics. Dysfunction in the biomechanics of a golf swing can not only cause reduced power, distance, and accuracy, it can lead to injury, shortening a golfer’s career. TPI uses the same diagnostic movement screens on top tour professionals. The unique combination of these movement screens and Active Release Techniques (ART, a soft tissue treatment) allows Dr. Greaux to diagnose dysfunction, treat it, and rehabilitate it, all working towards a better, safer, and more effective swing. She gives the golfers home exercises they can print out and bring to the gym, which include videos of stretches and strengthening exercises that are unique and specific to each golfer based on her examination and video analysis. Dr. Greaux is offering an examination plus exercise program for $200, a $50 savings, ending August 31, 2009. You will be put through a flexibility and stability examination and given an online exercise program, which the golfer can print out and bring to the gym as well as watch how-to videos of the exercises. Also included is a phone conversation with your golf pro for a team-oriented approach to your golf needs. Should the golfer want the video analysis of swing faults as well, Dr. Greaux is offering the Golf Analysis with video package at $300, a $50 savings. This includes an analysis of your swing reviewed on-site with your swing on a DVD. Included is a phone conversation with your golf pro. This also expires Aug.31, 2009. Press Play Analysis offers state of the art video analysis (through Dartfish.tv) of your swing and 10 dynamic movements in addition to the TPI flexibility and stability tests, available to be viewed online and shared with your golf pro/teacher/coach, personal trainer, and/or medical provider including massage therapists, MDs, PTs, ATCs, DCs, etc. It’s complete with line drawings, angles, recommendations for treatment and exercises. Content is downloadable onto your computer and/or CD or DVD. Dr. Greaux is offering this service for $400, a $50 savings. Your golf pro will receive a login and password to view your analysis. Testimonial from one of Dr. Greaux's clients: "In my 5 years as a professional golf player, I won 4 tournaments, I also missed close to 40 cuts. My swing was plagued with an uncontrollable hip slide: the harder I tried to hit the ball, the more my body would shift past the ball before impact resulting in a weak push slice. When my rhythm was good, my hands and body would time the downswing properly; these moments of apparent control would leave as mysteriously as they would show up. I tried many things to try to control my hips but nothing cured the inconsistency. When Jessica tested my hips through the MyTPI protocol, I was only half surprised to learn that my range of motion in both internal and external rotation was less than half that of a PGA Tour professional. I just wished I had known earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time and money. Jessica's knowledge in both the MyTPI process and the ART technique makes her a perfect practitioner for any golfer trying to improve his or her game. Forget the latest magazine tip or getting a new, more forgiving driver. If you want to really improve and learn how to finally execute what your pro has been telling you for years, get checked and work with Jessica first, you will save precious time and frustration."- N.M. To schedule an appointment, please email Dr. Greaux at drjess@innersport.com, click here, or call 510-883-1126.