LMJS Strength Training for Runners Workshop

Runner's feet   Innersport and East Bay Athletic Club are proud to host LMJS for a strength training workshop for runners in preparation for the Oakland Marathon.   What:  Body weight and band exercises for LMJS half and marathon runners.  Bonus mobility "cool down" after the workout. Where:  East Bay Athletic Club   5036 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland CA 94609 When:  February 19th 9:00AM sharp Wear:   Fitness clothing.  Please bring a yoga mat or towel.  If you have bands, feel free to bring those, too!  

About Dr. Jess and Lena Zentgraf

  Dr. Jess of Innersport
ART at Kona Ironman Championships
ART at Kona Ironman Championships
Dr. Jess Greaux has been working with LMJS since 2002 treating, rehabbing, and retraining runners to become more efficient and injury-free.  She specializes in biomechanics, ART (Active Release Techniques), Graston, Cupping, Chiro, and rehab exercises.  She has been providing state-of-the-art run analysis using foot pressure sensors, sEMG muscle sequencing diagnostics, and frame-by-frame video analysis via www.pressplaylab.com since 2008.  Dr. Jess has worked with Olympic and Professional runners as well as weekend warriors running their first 5k.  Her mission is to keep people moving and doing what they love as late in life as possible.     Lena Zentgraf of East Bay Athletic Club

Former collegiate lacrosse player at the University of Notre Dame, and current cyclist and runner Lena Zentgraf leads the training at EBAC. Her enthusiasm for coaching and competing has only grown since working in various settings including conditioning coach for high school lacrosse programs throughout the Bay Area. After working in a typical gym setting as a general fitness coach for adults she realized how valuable the team and athletic experience is to creating a meaningful training life. With Brian, conditioning coach at Cal Berkeley, they created EBAC to build a training platform and clubhouse for adult athletes in the East Bay. 

East Bay Athletic Club's Running Camp

The camps tax the cardio for endurance training, as well as burst/sprint performance. Intervals are ideal for training the body to recover and boost metabolism. The slower weight movements focus on form, we prefer lower weights, higher reps, and more complex movements. This builds muscle without building too much bulk while enhancing the athletes coordination. Cardio sequences vary between running, biking, and rowing-- Cardio may also be jumping rope, battle ropes, or cone drills. Varying the work to rest ration helps keep the camp interesting as well as keeping the body adapting. Some weight/strength exercises are band/mobility/balance focused which taxes the core as well as improves flexibility and full body and mind integration. 

Most importantly the varied, fun, and fast pace of each workout are great for team building and cross training. 

4 weeks:

Days 1, 3, 5, 7

Superset: Focused Weight :45-2:00

Immediately followed by :30-1:30 of cardio activity

(taxes heart rate but not necessarily muscles)

Days 2, 4, 6, 8

Cardio Sequence 10 minutes

Strength/Plyo Sequence 10 minutes 

Cardio Sequence 10 minutes

Strength/Plyo Sequence 10 minutes