Cycling Science Seminar Series

Knowledge is Power.

Through our Performance Lab, Sports Medicine Clinic, and our own racing experiences,  we have learned how to improve cyclists' and triathletes' performances while staying injury-free.   We have designed a Cycling Science Seminar Series to educate our 2 wheeler friends on some common topics inquired by our clients.

You learn. A kid gets a bike.

Each class is $10 to attend or $25 for all three when paid in advance.  ALL proceeds will be donated to the Fast Freddie Foundation which is dedicated to getting kids on bikes.  

1.   Lactate vs. VO2Max vs. FTP Testing

Mitchell Reiss will tell you everything you need to know about Metabolic Testing and Cycling.  He will sift through the research so you can make an informed decision of which test(s) may be right for you.

2.  Strength Training for Cyclists

Join us for an interactive strength training seminar you can integrate into your training plan just in time for the upcoming season.  Research shows we lose muscle mass as we age...  it also shows strength training is beneficial for the master cyclist to avoid loss in power.

3.  Bike to Run Transition

Using his experience as a Tri coach, elite triathlete, master bike fitter, and exercise physiology background, Mitchell Reiss will walk us through steps you can take to make the bike-run transition a smooth one and gain time on your competition.