Do You Have a Need for Speed?

Bike Fit

Innersport announces packages specifically for triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, and runners!   We know what it takes to be competitive in sport.  That's why we use ART on key muscles to make you more efficient and powerful in your discipline.  Every package is individualized for each sport and each client's goals based on our knowledge, research, and experience treating Olympic, Professional and Elite athletes for over 13 years. Cyclists- do you want to improve your aero position?  Have you had a recent bike fit and were told your hips are too tight?  Do you want to be able to gain more power from your cycling position?   By applying ART to key structures and prescribing specific exercises, we can get you more aerodynamic and more power on the bike. Triathletes-  do you want a better transition off the bike?  Do you want to run more efficiently and maintain a good aero position on the bike?  We know which muscles to treat and which exercises to prescribe to become more efficient come race day. Runners-  do you want to avoid over striding?  Do you want better running technique to avoid injury and run faster, longer?  We know which muscles to treat with ART and exercises to prescribe to become a more efficient and faster runner. Swimmers-  Do you want better scapular mobility and stability to have a more efficient stroke?   Do you want to use the entire core to help with each stroke?   By applying ART to key structures, we can get you a more efficient stroke and make you faster. To learn more about the packages, click here.