Genetic Testing for Sports Injuries

Feeling Broken
Feeling Broken?

Are you genetically prone to sports injuries?

You are near the end of a treatment program from a major injury and now performing exercises to prevent the injury from occurring again. This thought has probably crossed your head at one point: I wish I did these injury prevention exercises while I was still healthy. It seems like an unrealistic thought to have Nostradamus-like powers to be able to predict injuries in your future. The Stanford Sports Genetics Department is trying to change that. Researchers have discovered 200 DNA markers that inform them that an individual may have an increased or decreased chance of having a certain injury. Some of the conditions for which they have found genetic markers include stress fractures, ACL tears and Achilles tendonitis. The benefit of receiving this information is its immediate application. If a marathoner discovers they are prone to stress fractures they can modify their running surface to mainly dirt/grass, cross train on the bike, learn how to reduce the ground reaction force, and become more conscious of their diet. Innersport is proud to be hosting an information meeting on this new field.  Dr. Greaux has already received her results. Where:   Innersport   1250 Addison St. Suite 102, Berkeley When:  Wed, August 14th at 6:30PM What:  Genetic Testing for Sports Injuries   Bring a checkbook if you are interested in getting your DNA tested for sports injury specific markers as well as other results such as your ancestry line, inherited conditions, and health conditions. RSVP:  Gabrielle Goodlin