New Running Technique and Strength Program!


How efficient is YOUR running technique?

Do you want to learn which exercises will help give your running a boost?

Is your desk job ruining your running career?

Do you have Dead-Butt Syndrome?

Innersport is proud to announce our  new Running Technique and Strength Program starting this August.  This is no ordinary running class.  Along with a pre and post video, we will be doing pre and post surface EMG data collection to determine efficiency!   Hurry to take advantage of our introductory price.  Space is limited to ensure proper attention is given to each athlete.  This class is for ALL levels of running, from no experience, weekend warriors, high school cross country, to elite runners.

The Details

When:   Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 weeks starting August 1 at 6:30PM What:  Tuesday Strengthening and Mobility Class and Thursday Technique Class and Drills - 45 minutes per class Cost:  Introductory price $525/person.   (One sEMG/video analysis is $225 alone...  so this is a great deal as you get TWO, plus 6 classes and Y-balance test.) Includes:  Pre/Post video, EMG, and Y-balance Test.  You get the videos, EMG, and Y-balance data.  Specific exercises and videos tailored to you based on your video, emg, and y-balance test findings. sEMG is the most scientific way we can determine how muscles are firing during running.  We have learned that runners are phenomenal cheaters even when they appear to have a perfect running form.  Through sEMG, we learn how runners compensate and have asymmetrical firing patterns, leading to energy leaks, injuries, and sub-optimal performances.  With this information, we are able to prescribe specific exercises to correct dysfunction which allows the runner to become much more efficient.

Click here to learn how we use sEMG for runners.

Where:  Innersport Chiropractic, Ltd.    1250 Addison St. Suite 102, Berkeley, CA 94702   510-883-1126 To Do:
  • Click the "Buy Now" button above to reserve your place and register.
  • Sign up for a Pre-video analysis on July 20th by calling 510-883-1126 and speak with Alana.
  • Prepare to run faster, stronger, and longer!
Jess treating Natalie
Dr. Jess treating at Ironman Kona Championships
Dr. Jessica Greaux, DC, ART Dr. Greaux has been videotaping and educating runners since 2003.   She has treated Olympic, Olympic qualifiers, Professional, and Elite runners using video analysis, sEMG, ART, and rehabilitation exercises.  A lifelong lover of the sport, she has learned which biomechanical faults or dysfunctions cause injury, reduce performance, and cause inefficient running.  Her experience and expertise has also given her the opportunity to travel with the Cal Track and Field Team as well as being one of the first chiropractors to work in the Cal Training room.  
Dr. Jeffrey Chan
Dr. Jeffrey Chan
Dr. Jeffrey Chan, DC  Dr. Jeffrey Chan is a sports chiropractor that specializes in treating runners. His experience spans back to being a part of track and cross country teams from high school, college and currently competing in open track races. Dr. Chan's past teammates and patients include World Championship and Olympic Trials qualifiers on the track and marathon. He has also coached beginner and intermediate runners as a part of Team Challenge. Dr. Chan has certifications as a strength and conditioning coach as well as a corrective exercise specialist among others. He looks forward to helping you prevent injuries and excelling in competition whether your goal is to set a personal best or become elite