New Cycling Analysis Service at Innersport

YouTube Preview Image I've spent a week in Arizona at Cyclologic and FASTER Wind Tunnel learning the science behind cycling analysis.  Gone are the days of just getting a standard bike fit involving plumb bobs and goniometers.  Today, we have more reliable, accurate, and scientific technology to get a cyclist in a more efficient and SUSTAINABLE position. Combine the recent advancements in technology and our background in sports medicine, we have the unique ability to understand the bike AND the cyclist's body (from a stability, mobility, biomechanical, and physiological perspective) and how they can best co-exist out on the road or dirt. Innersport now utilizes:
  • State-of-the-art size cycle
  • Power output
  • Force measurements
  • Foot Pressure Sensor System
  • Saddle Pressure Sensor System (see video below)
  • EMG (we know what muscles are turning on when)
  • Breath Rate
  • Heart Rate
  • ECG
  • Accelerometer
  • Cadence
  • Biomechanical testing
  • Range of Motion testing
  • Video Analysis Motion Capture and feedback using Dartfish (used by the Olympics and Olympians and professional athletes.)
Sample Saddle Pressure Data
Example of Saddle Pressure Data
Sample Saddle Pressure Data in 3D
Example of Saddle Pressure Data in 3D

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Sample Dartfish Video Analysis
Example of Dartfish Video Analysis