Cyber Monday at Innersport and Press Play

Once again, we are offering our Video Analysis Gift Certificates for your loved ones, employees, and clients.

Sports We Videotape

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Throwing/Pitching
  • Sport not listed here?  Ask Dr. Jess at

Benefits of Video Analysis

  • Injury Prevention Through our video analysis the athlete can learn where the weak links exist in their athletic movements.  From this information, the athlete can develop the strength and conditioning specific to their bodies, their movements, their biomechanics and their sport to decrease the risk of injury.
  • Less Severe Sports Injuries While injuries can never be completely avoided, through our video analysis, athletes will discover ways their bodies are compensating for injury and train accordingly, leading to less severe injuries.
  • Recover Faster and Better The athletes will spend less time on the sidelines by positioning themselves to be as properly prepared for their sport and possible injuries that may occur. By using our video analysis they will learn what most likely contributed to the injury and then have a plan to eliminate the weak links and compensations to make them perform better than before.
  • Perform Better our video analysis is not just a way to prevent and recover from injury, it is also a way to reach the highest levels of performance for your sport, by eliminating performance dragging restrictions, weak links, and compensations.  By developing training regimens designed specifically for an athlete’s body and sport, we can put the athlete on the path to optimal performance.

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  “Dr. Greaux helped me identify specific muscle strength imbalances, which allowed me to apply proper exercises to strengthen the weak parts so I can continue to train injury-free.” Magdelena Lewy Boulet Olympic and Professional Marathoner   “Video analysis was a vital tool that helped Dr. Greaux diagnose an injury in my left leg. I came to Innersport with a list of symptoms, but I had no idea what had caused the initial injury. Slow motion analysis revealed what had been affected by the injury, and which muscle groups were not working efficiently. After regular visits to Innersport for ART, along with a series of prescribed exercises, I’m healthy and ready to take on the Boston Marathon.”   -Peter Gilmore, Elite Marathoner 7th place – Boston Marathon 2006 10th place – NY Marathon 2006 (first American)   "Runners should Run Right to Innersport!     A Gait Analysis w/Dr. Greaux is a must for all runners! A video my running form revealed my over-striding & improper footfall, explaining a sharp pain I developed in my left hip. The critique was enlighting, followed up with a session of running specific strengthening & stretching exercises to correct muscle weakness & imbalance for my unique needs. I've never knew about these effective techniques, even though I've read many running publications. My pace was stuck, but now I feel I can BQ!"  -  V.V. “Very insightful analysis.  I gained a lot of insight into the mechanical deficiencies which may be correlated with knee pain I’ve been feeling when running long distance. It gave me specific points of focus on form and alignment, and on flexibility to enable that alignment. I think anyone contemplating training for a running event should have someone like Dr. Jess look at their form. Would you just hop into the gym and hit the weights without learning proper technique? Running is no different.”  -D.C. "Dr. Jess evaluated my bike fit and pedaling action with video analysis, and found things others had missed. By changing the tilt of my hips I was able to significantly alleviate chronic back pain while riding. A very subtle change made a huge difference. Jess has a pragmatic approach that integrates the best of many therapeutic disciplines to help athletes get back on the road fast. -  "Cat 3 Bike Racer" "Wow, with this one you get your money's worth. It's the only way you can find out what is happening with your own body. It also gives you the opportunity to see yourself running. Now I know my running strenghts and weaknesses and what to do about them. This was the easy part and now comes the hard part."  -D.T. "Dr Jess has been taking care of my multisport racing physical needs for over a year. As a world ranked racer I train hard and race a lot. I've had small and significant injuries and Jess has always figured out what was wrong, focused the treatment, and kept me moving. The running video analysis, along with both run and bike EMGs are helpful tools to ensure my form remains solid and intact. Jess blends a great background with hands-on know-how and high technology, meeting my sports demands." - J.V. "I saw Dr Jess for hip pain prior to a half ironman triathelon and she and Will took great care of me. They fit me in quickly and the running evaluation was hugely helpful as well as the assessment tools Dr Jess used to help identify not only where the pain was coming from but also why and how to correct. Dr Jess was kind, communicative, knowledgeable and compassionate to help get me back to my training ASAP."  - B.M. "I have seen Dr. Jess for bicycling-related knee, hip, and back pain. I felt immediate improvement. I also got a bike fit from Dr. Jess. Clearly, her work with injured cyclists let her take my past injuries into account and now my position gives me comfort, injury avoidance, and power. She also communicates clearly, making her treatment recommendations understandable. I'm a happy cyclist again, as well as a grateful patient."  - J.H. "i'm a recreational runner with several running related issues. With their high-speed filming gear, Jess was able to assess several areas needing immediate correction."  A.D. "A few short years ago I was in chronic pain in my hip/back area. It had been going on for years. After other chiros and MDs told me to stop running and seriously consider back surgery, I went and saw Dr. Jess. She understood my goals, fixed me up and got me running again. Since then, I've gone from running 10Ks to running marathons, 50Ks, 50 milers, 100Ks and even finishing my first 100 miler in 2011. I can't recommend her enough!"   -  S.F. "I've been a patient at Innersport for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the care I receive. Dr. Jess has made suggestions that have helped to change my running form and my injury rate. She's quick and effective in finding my ailment and treating it so I can continue to run! The staff is always friendly and attentive! Yet another satisfied customer!"   - L.C. "Dr. Jess saved my running career and few years back, and I've been a devotee ever since."   - E.E. "This clinic is attentive to the patient's history, does video-analysis... and creates a calm, informal setting. I am most impressed with what they emphasize/explain: body position, range of motion, muscle-firing, active release, how to stay moving while you heal) Put this clinic on your radar!"   - A.W. "These folks know their stuff. First they video your running, then analyze in slow-motion for form, strength or other problems. What you can do to fix or alleviate (or avoid further injury), they then show you (based on video observations and other stretching confirmations)."  - E.S. "I found Jess's analysis of my core fitness and prescriptive exercises for addressing imbalances and bike-racing specific core needs--very, very helpful. Patrick's demonstration of the exercises was also a key part of the visit. I'd highly recommend it to any bike racer looking to get a bit more out of those glutes!"   -J.G. "I was recommended to Dr Jess after spending $1500 with another chiropracter. My first impression of her was very positive. Dr Jess is very accomodating and inspite of missing my appointment time she accomodated me and was very kind and helpful. The video analysis makes a lot of sense. I wish i would have done this earlier. I have long ways to go in my recovery but i know i am in good hands from my first visit."  - P.E. "The running analysis performed by Innersport was such a helpful tool. Unlike other people that simply film footfall on a treadmill it was a full body analysis while actual running on the street. After identifying issues with my posture and gait we discussed exercises to help remedy some of my bad habits. I've got a ways to go but this initial visit was so helpful. I would recommend Dr Greaux and Innersport to any runner looking to improve and rehabilitate their running."  -K.D. "I've recently turned myself in for rehab with Dr. Greaux and discovered that my stride is causing my longstanding series of hip issues. First my running was videotaped . and now she is giving me corrective exercises to stop stressing the overworked muscles and using the lazy ones. I am feeingl very hopeful ! Dr. Greaux is just a wonderfully caring person to have working on me and I highly recommend her!!!"  - N.K. "Without much luck with other therapists, I visited Dr. Jess. Through her diligent work and guidance, I am now able to again play the sport I love.. golf. With how wrecked my arm was, never thought it would happen. And the docs thought it was carpal tunnel. She's the best!"   - C.P. "I went to Dr. Jess with a very short window of time to address my IT Band, tendinitis & locked muscles problems. The work she did got my leg back into shape so that I could participate in my Half Marathon event successfully and without injuring myself. We are continuing to work on my biomechanical issues so that I can also have a successful cycling season. I can't express how grateful I am that a place like Innersport exists and understands the nuance of healing while staying active."  -D.D.L.R "Dr. Greaux truly understands the biomechanics of sports-specific injuries. After dealing with a chronic, year-long hip/glute problem, she was able to correct the issues and prescribe the appropriate stretching/strength exercises to get me back running pain-free. Truly best in class!"  -M.W.