Yoga Workshop: Deconstructing Asana

How to find more ease and less pain in your favorite yoga poses!

Sunday October 7th, 2-4pm at Innersport

  In this two-hour donation-based workshop, we will explore the anatomy, intention, alignment, and biomechanics of some of the most common yoga poses.  Some of what we will discuss includes:   Backbends:
  • Why does it matter if your legs are internally rotated?
  • Should I be engaging my core or letting it relax?
  • What’s going on with the alignment of my pelvis?
  • What can I do if I have back pain?
  Triangle pose:
  • But, my neck hurts when I look up…why should I do it?
  • It looks easy, but where is the rotation coming from?
  • What about revolved triangle…a tip for stronger rotation
  Warrior I, II, and III
  • How to get your hips to and feet to agree with each other in good alignment
  • Why are my hips held differently in Warrior III than in Half Moon?
  • Why are these standing poses so important?
  Downward dog:
  • How to build a solid foundation
  • Build strength and stability in the shoulders
  • Getting to plank…and beyond
  • This pose is the building block for so many more…
  This class will be mostly workshop format.  If there’s time at the end, we will do a short asana sequence so you can immediately practice what you learn.  If possible, please bring a yoga mat, a block and a strap.  This class is geared towards beginner/intermediate yoga students. Please RSVP to