CHI RUNNING is coming to Innersport!

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Innersport is proud to host it's 5th ChiRunning Workshop!

Lucretia Ausse, certified ChiRunning instructor, is offering a ChiRunning workshop at Innersport Chiropractic office. In addition to the ChiRunning workshop, Dr. Sandy Baird will speak about how to prevent running injuries.   ChiRunning combines the inner focuses of t’ai chi with the power and fluidity of running to create a relaxed and efficient running form that reduces impact, pain and injury and makes running a safer sport, while giving you more energy and making running more fun!   What you’ll learn:
  • The basics of the ChiRunning® technique: posture, lean, ankle lift
  • Injury-prevention techniques
  • Upper Body and Lower Body usage
  • Personal check-in tricks and tools
  • Innovative technique drills
  • How to relax and conserve energy at any speed
  We will not be running for extended periods of time (contrary to what you might imagine), so no matter what condition you are in, have no fear. We will spend the day alternating between demonstrations, fun exercises and technique drills. The nature of the day will be relaxed, fun and chock-full of great information.   When: Sunday, September 23rd Time: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Cost: $125  

To learn more or to register, click here.

download ChiRunning at Innersport flyer