Another Electrolyte Replacement Drink

Some of you have benefited from various nutritional products donated to our office for patients to sample.  Here's another product for athletes to battle dehydration. From Stacie Hovland:     Drip Drop is a fast-acting fluid replacement for mild to moderate dehydration that tastes great. Drip Drop is a new type of ORS. It has two to three times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks, yet it meets or exceeds the taste levels of the most popular sports drinks on the market. Drip Drop ORS quickly restores proper electrolyte and fluid balance lost through training, and competitions. It also provides relief due to vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, or excessive heat during illnesses. For mild to moderate dehydration, it can save trips to the emergency room, or save patients the discomfort of intravenous drip therapy. Whether you are a parent to a sick dehydrated child, caretaker to an elder needing hydration, or active in a physically demanding lifestyle, Drip Drop offers a solution to a common problem of dehydration. Water is such a large component of our body, undeniably necessary, and so often we turn to beverages that are either lacking viability with the correct electrolyte levels or taste. Drip Drop provides an optimal electrolyte level to facilitate the absorption of fluids with a fresh lemon taste. The founder and creator of Drip Drop, Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, is a practicing physician, Mayo Clinic graduate and lecturer at Stanford University. It's wonderful to have our Bay Area the epicenter of such an important advancement. Drip Drop doesn't stop here however. The ready to mix, just add water powder has already traveled to Haiti and Pakistan helping save lives globally. First adopted by the World Health Organization more than 30 years ago, oral rehydration therapy constitutes one of the most important medical advances of the last century. It relies on a simple mixture of electrolytes, sugar and water taken orally. This oral rehydration solution (ORS) activates the sodium-glucose co-transport system to pull water and electrolytes into the body. The education and implementation of proper rehydration is important in the San Francisco Bay Area among healthcare professionals, to professional and high endurance athletes, and families. It is currently available through certain Walgreens pharmacies and at The reaction to taste alone has been one of relief and joy as seen on amazon customer reviews.  Drip Drop payed notice and will be coming out with three new delicious flavors, orange, honey tea, and berry, in the beginning of 2012. Drip Drop has been put into regular use by athletes, and families of all kinds, and is currently part of hydration protocols for collegiate and professional sports teams. For recommendations of where our product would benefit people in the bay area please email For mild to moderate dehydration due to Competitions, Training, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Colds and Flu, Sweating, Excessive heat, appropriate for Children, Adults, and the Elderly. This ORS has No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. A solution to dehydration that works and tastes great.