Free ART Tuesdays extended through February!

Here is your chance to experience an ART treatment for FREE!  Maybe you’ve heard about Active Release Techniques but haven’t gone for it and signed up for any treatments.  Perhaps this is your first time hearing of ART, and you have nagging shoulder, wrist, knee, or foot pain.  Either way, take advantage of this opportunity.  For a limited time, I’m offering free ART sessions on Tuesday afternoons.  I would love to sit down with you, discuss your injury or issue, and then provide you with some soft tissue treatment.   ART is a great method to both diagnose and treat soft tissue conditions (carpal tunnel, swimmer’s shoulder, rotator cuff problems, plantar fasciitis, just to name a few).  For more information about the technique please visit   To sign up with me, please schedule your free appointment through our website:   Click on “new patient,” then select Dr. Sandy Baird.  Choose any Tuesday in February, and then please enter ART Tuesdays in the memo field.  Spaces are limited so sign up soon if you’re interested.   Details: For new patients only.  Appointments must be scheduled with Dr. Sandy Baird.  One free appointment per person.  24 hour cancelation notice applies.