3 Must-Haves for Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes know all too well the risks they take on the road or trail each time they tie their shoes or clip in the pedals.  Unfortunately, most of us also know of a friend who suffered from a bad crash or debilitating injury, needing medical support on the road or trail. In the unfortunate event of a crash or injury while training and the athlete is unable to call 911 and/or give the paramedics vital information, there are 3 essential products that can help the athlete receive quicker and more accurate care. Let me start by saying that there are more helpful products on the market, so please feel free to comment on this post for all to see. Blue Light

Blue Light is one of the best Apps on the market for iPhones (as of this post, I believe it's only available for the iphone), and it's free.   Let's say you want to go on a solo mountain bike ride.  
  1. You access the Blue Light App on your iPhone
  2. Select how many hours/minutes you think you'll riding
  3. Choose your contact from your address book via a dropdown menu
  4. Set the reminder time
  5. Edit the message you want your contact to see
  6. Hit "Set ALert"
And off you go on your ride.  Should you fail to cancel the alert upon your return or during the ride, the app will text or email your contact to let them know your location via GPS and relay the message you previously set.  Blue Light a nifty safety product all endurance athletes shouldn't train without.   www.bluelightapp.com Road ID If you watch Versus, I'm sure you've seen the commercials with Bob Roll talking about the bike ride essentials.  I didn't know they still make Bazooka, but according to Bob Roll, he can't ride without it.  Road ID is another essential product for any athlete training on the road or trails.  Should anything happen to you while training and you are unable to communicate with paramedics, your Road ID bracelet, anklet, or shoe ID has all vital information needed in the event of an emergency.  The original IDs have your name, emergency contact information, allergies, medications, and other pertinent health information the paramedics and ER should know to administer treatment.  The Road ID Interactive is a new product that allows you to keep all of your pertinent medical information in an updatable Emergency Response Profile online for the paramedics and/or ER to access.   The Road ID starts at $15.99.  The Road ID Interactive is an additional $9.99 after the first year.     www.roadid.com TacDrive The Tac Drive looks like a dog tag, however it is a durable, waterproof USB drive that contains your medical information for ER and paramedics to access in the event you are unable to communicate.  With Tac Drive Basic, you are able to update and edit your personal and medical information online.  However, Tac Drive Premium provides you with onilne backup storage, personal exposure reporting and immunization tracking.  The Tac Drive starts at $20 with the option to upgrade to their Premium service. www.tacdrive.com Can't decide?   Cover all the bases and get all three.  You will be helping your family, the ER/Paramedics, and YOU!