Serious Workout for Serious Golfers

February 15, 2010 | by Dr. Jess

Golf_3_2 Innersport is proud to present our Golf Workout for serious golfers. Who may be a serious golfer? A golfer who lives, eats, and breathes golf. A golfer who puts time and energy into bettering his or her golf performance. A golfer who understands the concept of injury prevention. We are not necessarily talking about only elite and accomplished golfers. We are talking about golf passion. Are you a serious golfer? Then, you’ll like our serious workout! Innersport thrives on researching effective and FUNCTIONAL exercises, meaning exercises that will directly impact your golf swing and performance as well as prevent injury. We don’t advise you to lie on your back and do a 100 crunches for golf. You can functionally train your abdominals and core in a fashion that is functionally related to golf. If you do a sport or activity that requires you to lie on your back and sit up, then crunches are for you. Golf requires your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints to function in 3 dimensions. One of the most important dimensions also happens to be the one that is most often overlooked, the Transverse Plane, or rotational plane. Even if you are not moving very much in the sagittal (forward and back) or frontal (side to side) plane, your body still has to stabilize and prevent excessive up and down, forward and back, and side to side movement for an accomplished golf swing. Innersport has developed a workout routine to MOBILIZE, STABILIZE, and STRENGTHEN the entire body functionally for golf, accentuating the all important and overlooked transverse plane. The purpose of the seminar is to review, instruct, and demonstrate all exercises you will receive via email.
Reverse spine angle compared to a correct spine angle

Reverse spine angle compared to a correct spine angle

When: March 4, 2010 Time: 7:30PM- 8:30PM Where: Innersport Chiropractic, Ltd. 1250 Addison St. Suite 102, Berkeley, CA 94702 What: Instruction of Functional Exercise Program for Golf. VIDEOS and print outs INCLUDED and emailed to you. BONUS! We will also email you foam rolling and flexibility exercises. Small class size for individualized attention. Cost: $30 for attendance, printouts, and emailed workout including videos. Payment instructions will be emailed to you upon registration using the RSVP link below. RSVP: Space is LIMITED! Use the link below to RSVP by Feb. 28th. Payment is required in full before Feb. 28th in order to reserve your space. No refunds, no transfers, no exceptions. (Should you be unable to attend after you submit payment, you will still receive an email on all exercises, print-outs, and videos.) Join us for an evening for the workout of your life! To RSVP, click here.


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