Sports Injuries

Sports injuries and the rigors of athletic training disturb normal body mechanics. Our specialty is in the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletes. We understand the importance of your health and fitness needs. Our holistic approach is focused on healing your mind and body back to its optimal performance so that inner athlete can continue to motivate and drive you to be your best. Innersport offers a whole spectrum of customized services geared toward athletes like you: An ARTist at Work "I wanted to put together a few words about my experience with the relatively new injury treatment I tried recently that was like a miracle cure for me. "In April of this year I spent nine days driving 4,000 miles from the Washington, D.C. area to my home in the East Bay. Because this period of sitting and generally sedentary activity followed a couple of weeks of heavy running, the right hamstring and sciatica nerve must have severely contracted and formed scar tissue. "Both during the trip and after I arrived in California, I was unable to run without pain. The area never seemed to loosen up and only got worse during my runs. I made several visits to a sports medicine doctor but could not get relief. The exercises and stretches I was given just did not work. I was chewing ibuprofen like it was candy. Even my golf game was suffering because I found it difficult to even walk without pain. Of course, the golf game couldn't get much worse anyway, but that's another story. Finally, a $1,400 MRI of the right hip indicated the joint was as clean as a whistle. No sign of arthritis. "But I still had this debilitating pain in the right hip joint, quad and hamstring. I was desperate for a cure. That's when Len Goldman suggested I see his chiropractor for some of this special ART stuff. couldn't hurt. OK, so I was wrong there. But it was a good hurt. After 4 and a 1/2 months of running in pain and accumulating less than 10 miles a week, in mid August I called Dr. Jessica Greaux at Innersport Chiropractic in Berkeley and scheduled an ART appointment. "After three visits within 2 weeks I was feeling better. In a month I was running without pain. In September, I was doing 5-mile runs. In October I hit the racing circuit again. In November I started training for the Honolulu Marathon, with 15 to 20 mile runs on the weekends. All this after such a recent period when I dreaded that my running career had come to a painful end. For me ART worked a miracle cure when I thought all was lost. It may not be the answer for everyone or for every type of injury. But for the person out there with one of those nagging, seemingly incurable sports-related injuries, think cultural! See an ARTist. I hope I never get such an injury again. But being a realist and an occasional nitwit, I know it's going to happen. The lesson for me is to see the ARTist first, not last." - Jim Buck