Peter Leopold


Peter Leopold is a multi-modal manual therapist with a thorough knowledge of eastern and western approaches to healing. He holds certifications in Active Release Technique, Fascial Distortion Modeling, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Kinesiology Taping, and Functional Movement as well as Tui Na (Chinese sports massage), Acupressure, Medical Chi Gong and Yoga. His approach to the body is holistic, intuitive, and energetic while grounded in evidence-based research and anatomical understanding. He is currently engaged in a full-time chiropractic doctoral program while also seeing treating clients at Innersport.  

Peter is a kind soul and a gifted healer. Respectful, attentive, thorough, and professional. everything you need to feel comfortable enough  to relax and receive the gifts of massage. I always feel incredible after a session with Peter.  -MK

As a trained massage therapist myself, I am *extremely picky* about whom I go to for bodywork. Take it from me, Peter is an amazing healer! I trust him completely and he brings the centeredness of his spiritual practice (he also teaches meditation) into his sessions. He introduced me to Tui Na massage and I am hooked! He massaged me even up to 9 months pregnant and I always leave his sessions feeling rejuvenated and vibrant. My husband also goes to Peter for bodywork; we highly recommend him!  -EA