2004 – Innersport’s Art Show: Travel and Distance

Our 2nd gallery opening in mid-May was a great success. The photographers put up some really wonderful photos and many people came down and looked.

May-Li Khoe and Natalie Douvos are both amazing artists and we are thrilled that they exhibited with us.

A lifelong fan of photography and artwork, Dr. Greaux designed her clinic expansion with a gallery in mind; it displays the work of emerging and established artists, with new shows coming up every three to four months.


Natalie Douvos

Reflections of Greece

May-Li Khoe

Everywhere and Nowhere


Natalie Douvos


Natalie Douvos spent her childhood divided between the San Francisco Bay Area and Greece, growing up with deep connections to places far away. Photography gives her a way to capture the emotional experience of scenes through color, light, texture, and nuance. With each photograph she builds a bridge and closes the distance just a little.

In this series of Greek images, Natalie shares her dual perspectives: inspired visitor and proud native.


May-Li Khoe


May-Li Khoe has been creating artwork for as long as she can remember. Her love of drawing and painting began as soon as she was able to hold a pen to paper. At 14, she learned of her passion for photography when she received her first point-and-shoot camera.

A family loss soon afterward led her to seek refuge in her artwork. Over the years her work evolved from an expression of grief to a celebration of “life, living and the marks that these things leave upon the planet.” She currently works in a variety of media including oil, acrylic, charcoal, black and white and color photography, and she often takes her artistic expression to the stage, where she performs dances of many kinds.

May-Li will be showing a collection of her photographs which provide a glimpse of what she’s found in her travels and observations of life. “I look for beauty in the tiny moments that make up a lifetime,” she says. “I wander the earth and search for a home among the people I encounter everywhere I go.”