Farewell to Bix, Innersport’s Mascot

THANK YOU to all who have donated as we have raised over $5,000 to 2 local animal shelters and one in Providence!  You have helped many dogs get a second chance. DSC_0023 As many of you know, I lost my beloved dog of 15 plus years on May 8th, 2010.  Bix has been my number one supporter through college graduation, grad school, and the opening of Innersport.  His presence at Innersport will be sorely missed. In Bix's honor and in the honor of all pound dogs, I am setting up a fundraiser for  The Tour of the California Alps, aka The Death Ride, on July 10th, 2010.  I will attempt to bike between 1 and 5 mountain passes, climbing 15,000 feet in 129 miles in the heat and altitude of the Sierras.  All money raised will be donated to Bix's place of "gotcha", the Providence Animal Rescue League, the Berkeley Animal Shelter, and the East Bay/Berkeley Humane Society. Please read Bix's story and follow the instructions to donate to these three animal rescue shelters.  You will be helping a pet in need as well as honoring Mr. Bix.  Oh, and wish me luck! Click here to fill out the fundraiser form. Sincerely, Jessica Greaux, DC, ART Bix's Story (the short version) April 5th, 1995:  I picked up Bix at the Providence Animal Shelter in Rhode Island during my senior year in college.  For those of you who have adopted pets from the pound before, you know the shelters do not let their tenants go very easily. After relentless phone calls to my landlord who insisted I get Bix out of the pound ASAP to avoid euthanasia (even though we signed a contract that forbid us to have pets in the house rental), the shelter finally had to pull my mother out of her classroom in East Brunswick, NJ to ask her if Bix was allowed at home.  Of course, my parents being two of the biggest dog lovers on the planet, accepted responsibility of Bix should I become unable to care for him. I remember driving him home to my roommates and friends straight from the pound.  It was raining lightly.  Bix was all but 3 months old, standing on my legs and barely able to see out the window.  His ears threatened to flop forward or stick straight up, they couldn't decide. Bix lived with me for the remainder of my college career plus one year in Providence, RI until I decided to move to Seattle without a job in 1996.  The drive out west was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  In a tiny Mitsubishi Eclipse stuffed with a small TV, my clothes, my friend, and her hockey equipment, we drove to Madison, Wisconsin and stayed with friends for 4 days.  Bix, my friend, and I ran around a lake in Madison which ended up being 13 miles around (Go Bix!)  Alas it was time to move on to the West coast and start our new life. We lucked out finding a place to live in Seattle with a wonderful roommate, Tina.  Tina, to this day, has become one of Bix's biggest fans and one of my closest friends.  She even fed him curry zucchini soup which ended up blazing neon on the light colored carpet in the rental house (oops.)  Bix loved her for that and other great gourmet treats she cooked up.  He enjoyed frequent trips to a cabin east of Mt. Rainier, Snoqualmie, many hiking trips, dog parks, Roanoake Tavern on 10th Ave east (and ate a few ping pong balls), and runs around Green Lake and through Seward Park. One year later, 1997, I moved down to the Bay Area of San Francisco, California where Bix was my sturdy companion through Chiropractic School and the start of my career.  In 2002, he slept by my patient's side near the treatment table at my first office.  In 2004, he was written into the lease at Innersport's current location in the Strawberry Creek Design Center.  Bix came to work with me almost everyday, greeting patients and taking his Innersport Mascot role seriously. Bix was a unique mix of Greyhound and Labrador Retriever and, in my opinion, possessed the best qualities from both breeds.  Incredibly athletic, fast, agile, loyal, ball/frisbee obsessed, protective, intelligent, quick learning, and slick looking, I found he made a great office dog. Fortunately for me, Bix mostly slept during the day and occasionally got up to introduce himself to patients.  At the end of the day, as I sat down to finish my treatment notes, Bix somehow knew patient time was over, and frisbee time was starting. Bix and I spent 15 years plus one month together.  He supposedly had a hemangiosarcoma diagnosed in September of 2009 and was given 1-3 months to live.  I'm not sure if Bix heard that and decided that wasn't going to be the case or he just had a determination to live, but he never showed signs or symptoms of the cancer after 7 months.  Unfortunately, his hind legs became weak and one of the arthritis pain medications made him dizzy and it was then that I decided to help him with his transition.  He ate very well all along, and had a couple of fantastic days off the meds where he walked across the park at the office and had a day of sniffing and checking Pee-Mail. I think of him every day, especially on my bike rides.  Which brings me to our fundraiser for the Tour of the Alps.  I hope you decide to donate to the pounds mentioned above in Bix's honor and all the Pound Puppies out there.  Every pet deserves a life similar to Bix's.